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These are the current officeholders for the College, and their contact details.
RoleOfficer (click to email)
Seneschal (President)Lady Zofia Varsoviensis
Deputy Seneschal (Vice President)Curie Estelle
SecretaryOisin of Blessed Herman
TreasurerMaster Gregory Tortouse de Sloleye
Arts & SciencesYsabelle Vallet D'Yonne
Heavy MarshallOisin of Blessed Herman
Rapier MarshallÆsa inn Skáld
Archery MarshalKazimier Sklyarovich
ChroniclerPosition vacant - contact the seneschal if you are interested, or have any queries related to this.
HospitallerCeil of Blessed Herman
HeraldRuadhán mac Griogair
QuartermasterUlfviðr náttfari Hrafnarson
Webwright (web administrator)Master Gregory Tortouse de Sloleye

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