Rapier fighting is a period form of fencing, most common from the mid 1500’s and into the early 1600s. The main differences between Rapier and modern fencing are: Rapier is fought not just ‘in line’ (like modern fencing) but ‘in the round’, meaning that you may side step your opponent. This makes the footwork very different from modern ‘Olympic fencing’. Modern fencing uses a foil or epee. The modern form of these were not used pre-1600 AD. In the SCA, we primarily use rapiers – a wider, heavier blade, which were the type of sword used at this time, though other earlier types of sword can also be used. The types of fighting used in the SCA are modelled on the writings of the fencing masters of our period. This can lead to different styles and forms of fighting than are found in modern sport fencing.

College rapier training is run on the maths lawns between 6 and 9pm on Tuesdays. Training is open to new and experienced members alike with walk ins welcome. Loaner equipment is available for use at each session at no charge.